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About Dr. Kedarnath Pandya – A board certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kedarnath Pandya is a board certified Plastic Surgeon. After completing MCh (Plastic Surgery) he did a fellowship in Advanced Aethetic Surgery at Mumbai. His passion for the subject, precise work, an inherent aesthetic sense and great credentials have lead him to do some revolutionary work in body contouring, breast surgeries and hair transplant. Dr Pandya considers Aesthetic surgery as a branch which is the perfect amalgamation of both science and art and hence every person he treats not only feels better and confident about himself/herself but is also assured that they have been treated by a medically ethical person. Dr. Pandya’s approach is to ensure that the person achieves total well-being – peace, happiness, and fulfilment. While beautifying the person from outside, he makes sure that the person feels beautiful from within. His client list includes top models, actors, working professionals, students and home makers not only from India but across the world.

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We provide a full range of cosmetic as well as corrective surgical procedures with the latest medical technology and facilities available at Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery hospital. Going through cosmetic procedures is a very intimate experience and hence we ensure that our clients receive the best possible treatment while providing surety of privacy. We provide full-body contouring, breast lift, breast implants, FUE&FUT hair transplant, liposuction and skin laser treatment.

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