Hair Restoration Treatment

What is Hair Restoration?

Hair Restoration is a non-invasive, non-surgical, permanent and aesthetic solution to hair loss or baldness.
With a greater focus on looks in today’s world, thinning hair and hair loss can be demoralizing for both men and women and may cause anger, sadness and anxiety.

The most common factors which lead to hair loss are hormone imbalances, lack of right nutrients, heredity, stress, etc.

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Hair Restoration

Types of Techniques for Hair Restoration:

PRP THERAPY (Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss)

The PRP therapy is a safe and non-surgical therapeutic option for hair restoration for males and females who are experiencing hair loss. This therapy has no side effects and is successfully being used for over two decades.

This therapy is based on the research that says, “Hair follicles growth could be stimulated by a number of growth factors present in the platelets and plasma”.

How does PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy work?

The objective and primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate the growth of inactive or newly implanted hair follicles.

Mesenchymal stem cells present in human blood, essential and specific growth factors present in autologous blood products assist in tissue re-generation and healing. When these special Platelets are activated, they stop the bleeding, accelerate the rate of tissue healing and tissue regeneration and help in new cellular growth. These growth factors in platelets help in hair growth or slow down the hair loss.

The doctor draws out the patient’s blood, then the blood is treated in a centrifuge to separate the platelets rich plasma (enriched cells) from the rest of the blood. These plasma rich platelets contain growth factors which are very useful in tissue regeneration and healing. Under a local anaesthetic agent, this platelet rich plasma is injected into the scalp where hair growth is needed. This procedure of injecting plasma into the scalp is performed using a special micro needle.

No sedation or medication is required.

Benefits of PRP Therapy for hair loss:

  1. Simple and non-surgical.
  2. A small sample of blood is needed to perform this procedure.
  3. It accelerates the tissue healing process.
  4. No discomfort.
  5. Safe and reliable.
  6. Natural looking end results.


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic treatment that helps to treat baldness for both men and women. It slows down the balding process.

How does Mesotherapy Work?

In Mesotherapy, the scalp is essentially injected with nutrient rich liquid (vitamin and proteins) which improves blood circulation in the treated area. The improved blood circulation nourishes the hair follicles and promotes hair re-growth. This also leads to the strengthening and reviving the hair follicles and creating dense and voluminous hair.

This procedure is performed with the help of a special Mesotherapy gun that carries a sterile needle which injects the solution in the scalp.

This is a safe treatment with usually no side effects or allergic reactions.

Benefits of Mesotherapy for hair loss:

  1. It’s a safe technique.
  2. No anaesthesia involved.
  3. Quick recovery.
  4. Painless
  5. Almost nil side effects.

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