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Liposuction – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Part-2

Best liposuction clinic in Ahmedabad

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Being best liposuction clinic in Ahmedabad is a big claim to make. Most clinic/hospitals make that claim. We don’t claim we are the best liposuction clinic in Ahmedabad, but we claim that we are among best liposuction clinic in Ahmedabad in the context of care, support and treatment. For us, every person who walks in has come for getting liposuction done because of his/her reason which is too personal and too important. Through liposuction, someone might be wanting to get body shape back to what it used to be, while for someone it is a matter of confidence, while for someone it might be new horizon to explore.

Liposuction is not just a surgery it is means to many things which is important for a lot of people.

Continuing with our part-1 of Frequently Asked Questions on Liposuction, here are few more set of questions about Liposuction

How Safe is Liposuction?

Liposuction is one of most availed procedures across the globe with millions undergoing liposuction worldwide and has never seen the life-threatening complication.

Moreover, liposuction surgery done by the best cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad is bound to give you assured results.

What Happens During Liposuction?

2 to 3 mm punctures are made in inconspicuous areas around the part of a body which has to be treated. A tube is partially inserted into layers of fat (under the skin). Then, the other end of the tube is connected to a device. This device sucks the fat. Along with fat, since fluid too is lost, drip has to be attached to the back of a hand to give replacement fluids. After the procedure, a tight dressing is done and compression garments fit.

How much fat is removed?

That depends on case to case. On an average 60-70 per cent of existing fat gets removed below the skin in part of a body to be treated

Why Pressure Garments are essential?

For several weeks, a person undergone through liposuction procedure shall wear snug. Doing so reduced swelling and helps skin shrink to the new body frame.

Pressure garments should be worn till your cosmetic surgeon suggests for best results.

How many days does one need to be in a clinic after a procedure?

Liposuction does not require long stays in a clinic/hospital. The patient gets discharges the same day evening. Yes, they are expected to follow instructions at home and visit clinic as per schedule defined by a doctor.

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