What is PRP Treatment?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment involves the injecting of the plasma and growth factors in the targeted areas of the skin, thus, promoting the collagen growth and regeneration of the tissues. This procedure makes the skin smoother, softens the wrinkles and helps in the scar reduction.

Are PRP Injections for the face right for me?

If your skin is dull and lacking radiance and you looked aged before time, then PRP injections can help you out to get a refreshed and young skin. PRP treatment is a very simple and convenient treatment. Also, in case, you are unsure about the other complex skin treatments, then also, PRP injections are the right treatment for you.

PRP Treatment
PRP Injections at Mayfair

We, at Mayfair, uses PRP treatment successfully and it has proved to be an extremely useful in addressing all the concerns about the aging process that leads to changes in skin texture, radiance, firmness, flexibility, volume and wrinkle formation. We are also successfully treating dark areas under the eyes with PRP injections.

What do PRP injections include?

Patient’s own blood is used to derive the autologous Platelet Rich Plasma and growth factors that are injected into the targeted areas of the skin.
Skin regeneration and collagen production are stimulated and accelerated by these injections consisting of Platelet Rich Plasma and growth factors. PRP injections can also be used in conjunction with dermal fillers in some cases as per the requirement.
Dr. Pandya will assess your skin and then advise if PRP injections are the right solution for your skin needs.

Can anyone have PRP injections?

PRP injections should be refrained from taking if you are suffering from facial cancer, undergoing chemotherapy or steroid therapy or suffering from any other dermatological diseases that are affecting your face, hair, blood and platelet abnormalities. Please make sure to disclose all these to your Doctor and also disclose if you are taking any anticoagulation therapy. It is also needed to inform the Doctor if you are taking any herbal medication that may lead to the thinning of the blood.

Benefits of PRP Injections for the face
  • It involves minimal risk.
  • It is a quick, easy and convenient procedure.
  • Immediate recovery
  • Great natural looking results.
  • It is a natural procedure.
  • No surgery involved.
  • Smooth and fresh skin.
How long does it take to recover from PRP injections?

You can return to your daily life routine immediately after the treatment. However, strenuous activities and alcohol consumption should be avoided for at least two to three days. You can see the results of PRP treatments after about one to two weeks. The time of the results depends on the area that has been treated. A repeat treatment can be recommended after every six months by your surgeon on the basis of the requirement.

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