• Before-liposuction-thighs-done-for-contouring-1
    Before liposuction-thighs-done-for-contouring-1 After
  • Before-liposuction-thighs-done-for-contouring-2-after
    Before liposuction-thighs-done-for-contouring-2-after After
Liposuction thighs done for contouring

With great pleasure and pride, we would like to share that our expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kedarnath Pandya performed revision liposuction for this 32 years old female who had previously undergone liposuction surgery at another plastic surgeon’s clinic.

She was lacking confidence due to the distorted shape of her thighs. Dr. Kedarnath Pandya helped her get back to her life. He gave her the perfect contouring and sculpting of her thighs by liposuction surgery in thighs to correct those ugly deformities along with abdomen and love handles areas.

The patient is very happy with her smooth skin and excellent contour of her thighs with symmetrical tummy and flank/ love handles.

  • Before-liposuction-thighs-done-for-contouring-2-after
    Before liposuction-thighs-done-for-contouring-2-after After
  • Before-liposuction-thighs-to-correct-the-deformities-2
    Before liposuction-thighs-to-correct-the-deformities-2 After
Liposuction thighs to correct the deformities

Sharing pre and post op photos from another angle for the same 32 years old lady who underwent revision liposuction at Mayfair.

Since, we, at Mayfair are exclusively into cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Kedarnath Pandya understood her concerns and to give her the best results and augment her confidence, performed corrective surgeries to correct the deformities.

Choose your cosmetic surgeon wisely.

  • Before-liposuction-in-chest-1
    Before liposuction-in-chest-1 After
  • Before-liposuction-in-chest-2
    Before liposuction-in-chest-2 After
Liposuction in chest, abdomen and flank region

This 42 years male patient had beer belly, which used to stand out in his otherwise normal weight for height body. Dr. Kedarnath Pandya performed liposuction in his chest, abdomen and flank region that led to the fat in the #belly area come in the right proportion with the whole body weight.

This led to a great improvement in the patient’s confidence.

If you have tried heavy dieting and crunches like crazy but still can’t get rid of that beer belly, get in touch with the expert cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kerdarnath Pandya at Mayfair.

Liposuction can address the fat deposits responsible for causing your#beer belly, that is often hard to remove by either diet or exercise.

  • Before-TransformationTuesday-Ear-lobe-1
    Before TransformationTuesday-Ear-lobe-1 After
  • Before-TransformationTuesday-Ear-lobe-2
    Before TransformationTuesday-Ear-lobe-2 After
Amazing result of an Earlobe Repair done at Mayfair of a 25 year old lady.

Sharing the amazing result of a Congenital Earlobe defect (Birth defect) Repair done at Mayfair of a 25-year-old lady. This birth defect was refused to treat by many surgeons and the patient was also advised that even if this is operated, it will recur. We, at Mayfair successfully repaired this defect for the patient just before her marriage. We are happy we could be the part of her happiness.

  • Before-TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-1
    Before TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-1 After
  • Before-TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-2
    Before TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-2 After
Safe, Effective, Quick & Minimally Invasive Breast Reduction done for a 35 year old lady.

Proud and happy to share the amazing two months results of Breast Liposuction and Reduction treatment we did for a 35-year-old lady, mother of one child. Liposuction for breast reduction is Safe, Effective, Quick & Minimally invasive.

If you also want to have perfect breasts size that enhances your confidence, contact Dr. Kedarnath Pandya at Mayfair.

  • Before-6TransformationTuesdayLipFiller11
    Before 6TransformationTuesdayLipFiller11 After
  • Before-6TransformationTuesdayLipFiller12
    Before 6TransformationTuesdayLipFiller12 After
Lip Filler Treatment Adds Fullness To The Lips.

Lip fillers can make the biggest difference to your smile and confidence. Lip Enhancement is a popular non-surgical treatment to plump and volumizes the lips, creating results that look and feel natural, soft and smooth.

At Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Kedarnath Pandya delivers the ultimate results with dermal fillers and is widely known for his expertise, safety, and injection perfection.

  • Before-TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-1
    Before TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-1 After
  • Before-TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-2
    Before TransformationTuesday-Breast-Liposuction-2 After
Breast Reduction done for a 26 year old suffering from chronic back pain due to large size breasts.
Extremely large breasts have been linked to a number of physical complaints including back pain, neck pain, and numbness in the fingers in hands.
At Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery, the experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Kedarnath Pandya performs an advanced form of breast reduction surgery to give you smaller, more proportionate breasts.
  • Before-tipoma-over-upper-back-1
    Before tipoma-over-upper-back-1 After
  • Before-tipoma-over-upper-back-2-before
    Before tipoma-over-upper-back-2-before After
Lipoma removed from upper back at Mayfair using Liposuction

This 65 year old male had this lipoma on his upper back for the last 5 years. It was gradually increasing in size and had now started to show via clothes and affected sleeping on back at night. We removed it via a keyhole surgery assisted by liposuction. The patient was discharged the same day evening.

  • Before-transformation-1
    Before transformation-1 After
  • Before-transformation-2
    Before transformation-2 After
Wonderful & Natural looking Breast Implants done at Mayfair

This gorgeous 26-year-old model had come to us with the need for breast implants. She had a petite frame and hence the size correction was done after carefully discussing the need with her so that the final result looks natural. The picture shows the wonderful post-op result.

  • Before-transformation-two-1
    Before transformation-two-1 After
  • Before-transformation-two-2
    Before transformation-two-2 After
Excellent Breast Augmentation & Lift done at Mayfair for a 30 year old Female

The picture shows an excellent post op result following a breast augmentation and lift done for 30year old female. Due to extensive weight loss, her breasts had drooped and lost their volume. US-FDA approved highly cohesive silicon breast implants were used in her case giving her perfect natural looking breasts.

  • Before-transformation-three-1
    Before transformation-three-1 After
Buccal Fat Removal and Double Chin Liposuction done at Mayfair for an extremely determined young female

Sharing the before and after pictures of an extremely determined young female. Her fitness regime and diet are #fitnessgoals. However, she couldn’t lose that double chin and chubby cheeks no matter what she did. We assisted her by doing a buccal fat removal and double chin liposuction for her.

  • Before-tummy-tuck-1
    Before tummy-tuck-1 After
  • Before-tummy-tuck-2
    Before tummy-tuck-2 After
Amazing Mommy Makeover done at Mayfair using Tummy Tuck

This was one of the most challenging Mommy Makeover cases operated by Dr Kedarnath Pandya. Though the patient was athletic, she could never lose the post pregnancy flab. Pregnancy does that to a woman’s body and no matter how hard you try, you can never get back the pre-pregnancy figure. The picture shows amazing post op result following a tummy tuck for this 34 year old mother.

  • Before-bodytwo
    Before bodytwo After
Combined tummy tuck and Incisional Hernia Repair done at Mayfair

Dr Kedarnath Pandya operated this patient for a combined tummy tuck and incisional hernia repair. The patient was a diabetic and at high risk for wound infection. However the result was stupendous after an 8 hour long surgery.

  • Before-TT-1-1
    Before TT-1-1 After
  • Before-TT-1-2
    Before TT-1-2 After

A very active and fitness enthusiast woman was operated by Dr. Kedarnath Pandya. Abdominal Liposuction was done because no matter what she did, her tummy fat was resistant to every exercise.

  • Before-TT-2-2
    Before TT-2-2 After

Double chin Liposuction is done along with Buccal Fat Removal for a young and fit patient with a chubby face.

  • Before-TT-3-2
    Before TT-3-2 After
  • Before-TT-3-1
    Before TT-3-1 After

Amazing Botox done at Mayfair, we understand your concerns, study the anatomy and effects of ageing on your face. We focus on keeping your look natural yet younger.

  • Before-TT-4-2
    Before TT-4-2 After
  • Before-TT-4-1
    Before TT-4-1 After

This image shows pre and post-operative photographs of an operated case of Gynecomastia (Male Breasts) by Dr. Kedarnath Pandya.

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