Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is the best part of any woman’s life. To begin with, it gives a woman the ability to become a mother and bring a child into this world. But along with it, it brings a woman sagging breasts, weight gain and a belly that looks bloated.

Earlier, women started getting used to whatever happened to their bodies after childbirth through c-section. But these days, with the advent of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, these problems can be eliminated to some extent.

And therefore, a new term called mommy makeover has been introduced to women who are looking for bettering their bodies after one or more childbirths. Mommy makeovers define a blend of body-contouring techniques. These techniques improve the appearance of the body to a great extent. Let us look at the things included in mommy makeovers:

Elements of a mommy makeover:

Basically, breasts and abdomen are basic areas that are highly affected with pregnancy and childbirth. And, this is why the concept of mommy makeover revolves around breasts and abdomen and ways to correct them. During the onset of pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts enlarge to one size bigger. And once breastfeeding is over, the breast size goes back to normal which makes the breasts look saggy.

Similarly, the muscles in the abdomen work hard and stretch to accommodate the baby. And hence, these muscles don’t go back to their original form. To address such situations, mommy makeover was introduced to the world.

Breast Procedures with Mommy makeovers:

  1. Breast augmentation
  2. Breast reduction

1. Breast augmentation:

Breast augmentation is defined as a transfer of fat cells or introducing breast implants inside the breasts. Usually, after pregnancy and childbirth, the breast never goes back to its original form. And hence, breast augmentation surgery can be conducted to restore the breast’s original form post pregnancy and childbirth.

In the case of women who have very less fat to transfer for breast augmentation, breast implants are considered. Here, the breast implants are placed in the place of fat tissues to enhance the breasts. Breast augmentation surgery cost should always be considered if you are planning to get it done.

Breast augmentation can offer increased size and fullness of the breast, and enhance the balance of the breasts with the hip’s shape. It also does a great job to increase the self-confidence of a woman. If you are considering it, you should also study the cost for breast implantation surgery if you are in Ahmedabad.

2. Breast reduction:

Breast reduction is also known as reduction mammaplasty which considers removing extra fat tissues from the breasts. Some women have enlarged or oversized breasts. This leads to various problems like back pain and inability of the body to handle the stress because of large breasts.

Certain normal activities become difficult to perform in the day to day life because of discomfort caused by large breasts. After childbirth, certain women also have troubles because of increased breast size which won’t go back to normal. You should always consider the breast reduction surgery cost as there are so many clinics in Ahmedabad that offer the option. Breast augmentation and breast reduction methods are a part of mommy makeover and Mayfair Advance Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery clinic in Ahmedabad offers these options. They offer various cost packages for various forms of surgery.

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